Plan Development

eBRP Suite’s Toolkit provides a flexible planning format – with automation that frees BC professionals to spend more time doing what’s important, not wasted shuffling files. Toolkit’s Plan Development features include:

Templates – Toolkit comes equipped with best-practices templates. These templates can be used as-is or customized to meet the specialized needs of any organization. A common plan structure can be implemented organization-wide. By using custom plan templates you can replicate their form and function in every plan.

Plan Artifacts – Toolkit plans are procedure-based rather than one long document. Each plan procedure can include rich text instructions, contact information, attached files (in any format), URL links and itemized checklists.

Plans in Gantt Charts – Plans can include Procedure sequencing and durations to produce Gantt Charts (similar to MS Project) to validate RTO capability – and measure progress during an Exercise or Incident.

Plan Hierarchies – Expanded stakeholder involvement makes it possible to create many more plans – smaller plans that are easier to maintain and are viable when activated. Those plans can be interlinked to create hierarchical and scalable relationships and eliminate redundancies. Toolkit provides the flexibility to structure plan hierarchies to fit any organizational alignment.

Role-based Access – Toolkit uses role-based security to manage access to information. Access is granted to teams, not individuals; when team members are removed, they lose all inherited rights and have no access to eBRP Suite objects. Similarly, adding a member to a team automatically grants that individual access to all objects to which their team has rights.

Approval Workflow – When plan maintenance requires an auditable, systematic approval process (and plan version control), Toolkit’s Plan Approval Workflow delivers both a plan approval process and plan version control.


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