Migration from other legacy software or formats

You’ve developed plans and accumulated a lot of data in the software or database you’ve been using. Perhaps that platform no longer meets your needs. You wish you could find something better, but worry that switching platforms will render all your previous work useless; that you’ll have to start all over again. You’d rather reuse your Plans and data.

That’s what eBRP Suite will do for you:

allow use of your existing data as a baseline while improving content, compliance and user participation.
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Because of eBRP Suite’s incredible flexibility, our Professional Services Team can take your existing data and map it to eBRP Suite. Not only can your data be saved, but much of it may be transformed into new, useful information you never imagined. Once your existing plans have been migrated, eBRP Suite’s innovative tools let you leverage new information to expand, enhance and improve them easily – and use them effectively in exercises and incidents.

eBRP’s PS Team can collaborate with you to:


Set Goals

Migrate current state BCM data as-is, or incorporate a desired future state of your BCM program?


Define data extract requirements, extract and analyze for integrity.


Shape data to incorporate recent organizational changes and a future desired state of Program objectives.


Import the transformed data for review, validation and acceptance.

Hundreds of eBRP Suite customers have already taken their BCM programs to those new heights. Our Professional Services team is ready to help you accomplish more with your existing BCM program data than you ever thought possible.

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