Setup & Configuration

One size never fits all.  Your BCM goals are unique to your organization.  That’s why eBRP Suite is both flexible and customizable – allowing you to implement a configuration that meets your own BCM goals.

eBRP’s Professional Services Team has years of experience collaborating with customers in diverse industries to deploy eBRP Suite.  Our Team has developed Best Practices – assisting in customer implementations to assure eBRP Suite supports both their needs and the entire BCM lifecycle – including these services:


Goal Setting

Identifies the current BCM program state, any perceived gaps and the desired future state of the program through interactive sessions with program stakeholders.


eBRP Suite uses more than 100 Metadata items configured to set the look, feel and informational architecture of the tool. Only a portion of these metadata items are required for a successful deployment. Using your program objectives, eBRP PS Team will help configure the relevant metadata items, to make eBRP Suite ready to deploy.


eBRP Suite’s user-customizable interface can ‘repaint’ screens to reflect the terminology used by your organization. eBRP Suite’s multi-lingual support can also be customized to employ languages in addition to English. Our PS Team can support many customization efforts that enhance eBRP Suite’s usability within your organization.

When assisting with your setup and configuration, our PS Team will use its expertise to leverage features that can help make eBRP Suite easier to use, personalized and more intuitive – enabling users to play a larger role in your BCM program.

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