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At eBRP Solutions, we believe that the Business Continuity Management industry has for too long focused its attention on the wrong things. We understand that BC Plans are necessary, but we believe they are only a component on the road to organizational resilience. We have harnessed leading-edge technologies to create tools for Incident Readiness – not just Business Continuity Management. We apply an Asset-centric model to enable management decision support for any disruptive event.. We work closely with our customers to constantly improve our eBRP Suite of products, to continually enhance our products’ usability, flexibility and scalability. We always aim to create the best solutions for our customers’ needs, with the lowest total cost of ownership and a justifiable return on investment.

Our Beginning

Founded in 2002 by Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery professionals, eBRP foresaw that the complexity of business would soon outstrip the capability of existing BCM tools. Instead of building a tool to write Business Continuity plans, we asked ourselves one question: What information is necessary to effectively manage a disruptive incident? We concluded that information is critical to effective Incident Management. The right information enables rational planning, analysis and decision support. Organizations are dynamic; Plans stored in program binders are not. People, technology, vendors, customers and business processes change. Making information the focus of Business Continuity Management enables the creation of a viable, flexible and sustainable BCM program.

Management Team

Ramesh M. Warrier

Managing Director Ramesh is the Managing Director and chief architect of eBRP Suite. His responsibilities include designing new features and functionality to meet tomorrow’s needs today. A graduate of IIT / Kanpur, Ramesh has nearly 30 years of experience in various Business & Technology roles, more than 20 of which have been in Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery planning. Ramesh worked at TATA, TD Bank and GE Capital prior to founding eBRP.

Jayanti Iyer

Director – Development & Support Jayanti (JNT) is the chief architect of eBRP Suite and manages eBRP’s Development and Customer Support groups. A graduate of the University of Bombay, Jayanti has traveled the world and worked in India, Dubai and Canada, including, 8 years as a DBA at First Canadian Title prior to joining the eBRP Team.

Sibel Misirlisoy

Senior Manager – Global Operations Sibel is an Honors BSc. graduate of the University of Toronto and has been the Senior Manager of Global Operations and has been with eBRP since 2004. She is responsible for all operational aspects including Marketing, Finance, HR & Contract Management. As part of Marketing efforts, Sibel is involved in eBRP’s website development, & oversees social media content management and trade-show management. She is also in charge of finance & budgeting management at eBRP.

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