Using separate tools to complete each phase of your BCM program makes your job harder than it should be. That’s why eBRP Suite was designed to integrate the complete BCM lifecycle into a single platform. At the core of eBRP Suite is Toolkit – the module in which end-users and Business Continuity Managers collaborate to build and maintain their BCM program components. Toolkit not only provides users with assessment and planning capabilities, but also gives managers the ability to monitormeasure and manage those efforts in real-time.

To support your BCM program objectives,
Toolkit supports the following features:


Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to create Survey Questionnaires with Automated Workflow and a Customize Rule Engine to auto-generate RTO, RPO, Criticality and other BIA parameters. Monitor work-in-progress and audit user actions – in real-time

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment based on the NIST 800-030 framework, documents Threats, Vulnerabilities, Impacts, Likelihood and Mitigation Strategy – with tools to Prioritize, track Status and produce Dashboards & Reports.

Data Automation

Toolkit helps organize your data in a structured manner – then automates your ability to keep that data current. Updated data assures the integrity and validity of related plans, process...

Plan Development

Toolkit provides a flexible planning format - with automation that frees BC professionals to spend more time doing what’s important, not wasted shuffling files. Toolkit’s Plan Development features such as...

Approval Workflow

Approval processes can be valuable tools. Toolkit’s Approval Workflow processes to meet internal and external accountability needs. Optional Approval Workflows can be assigned to Plans and BIA parameters & the entire process is automated...


Command, Control & Communications are critical elements for an effective Incident Response. Notifying stakeholders before, during and after an incident is essential for a sustainable BCM program...

Program Management

As a BC Manager, you have better things to do than shuffle files, send countless emails and manage access to documents. Toolkit is designed to give you the greatest amount of control over your BCM Program, with the least amount of effort...

Exercise Tracking

BC and DR Plans must be validated to assure their effectiveness. eBRP Suite' Toolkit’s Exercise functions make it easy to schedule and follow up on Plan tests and exercises...

Decision Support

During a disruption, Senior Executives need information to make the right decisions – what is the potential impacts & causality chain, what are the potential response strategies, which recovery teams to be activated etc...
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Feature Spotlight :
Hierarchical Planning

eBRP Suite provides the flexibility to structure plans to fit any program objective, org chart or desired operations.

By involving relevant stakeholders, it is possible to create many more smaller plans, that are much easier to maintain, that will be viable when activated.

Smaller plans can be rolled up to become Department-level plans or Site recovery plans; those can then be rolled up to create line of business or regional plans – or any other configuration that makes sense to the organization.

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