Monitor, Measure &

Exercise frequently to build an actionable credible program.

Modules of eBRP Suite includes:

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Core of the eBRP Suite. Supports Risk Assessment, BIA and Plan Development
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Incident Management tools to simulate, test and exercise Toolkit plans to validate their effectiveness
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A real-time situational awareness platform to collect and analyze data, provide timely alerts and create incidents in CommandCentre for immediate actions.
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In many programs, a small group of individuals conduct all phases of the BCM lifecycle and manages compliance reporting. Senior management buy-in and end-user involvement would result in a more effective BCM program, but that is often too difficult to achieve or manage. The BCM methodologies adopted by those BCM Teams often lead to program limitations or require convoluted workarounds.


Free Upgrade

With eBRP Suite, in-built reports and dashboards engage senior managers to monitor, measure and manage their BCM program.

Unlimited Users

eBRP Suite gives you the freedom to grow your BCM program at your own chosen pace. With eBRP Suite’s Unlimited User license, you always maintain control of your BCM Program.


Relying solely on outgoing communication limits the viability and sustainability of your BCM Program. eBRP Suite helps you leverage those plus the 2-way communications needed...

Language Support

Although English is accepted as the universal language for business, many local operations are transacted in the native languages. eBRP Suite provides multi-language* support...


Security is always a high priority at eBRP. Whether you use eBRP’s SaaS hosting, or host eBRP Suite yourself, our Authentication options should meet your organization’s needs...


eBRP Suite provides two Hosting options - Self-Hosting and SaaS hosting. You can purchase licenses and host the software on your own datacentre or avail of our Hosting services...

Role-based Access

Some information in your BCM Program might be shared, but much of it should only be available to certain individuals. Security requirements can make User access...

Mobile Access

How likely are you to be sitting at your desk in your office when a business disruption occurs? You need a means to access your Plans, and collaborate with Teammates & Incident...


eBRP Suite's Geographic Information System (GIS) gives you the power to view all of your organization’s Locations, Employees and Vendors on local, regional, national...


Whether you have a question, an issue – or can’t decide on the best way to get something you need from eBRP Suite, our Support Team is always ready and able to help..
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