Automated Workflows

Incident Response may require activation of multiple plans. The efficient allocation and hand-
offs of tasks among that complex web of plans can be a headache – unless those actions are
automated. Automation enables the capability to monitor, measure and manage the response to
achieve defined business outcomes.


Task Management

Thousands of tasks might have to be executed in response to a disruption. Task allocation, orchestration, monitoring and management of task execution is critical to achieving business Recovery Time objectives (RTO). Automated task management - with dashboards for task status, plans status and Service restoration status – are provided in real-time.


Disruptions don’t always happen during business hours. Critical responders may be remote. The myeBRP app (at the Apple App Store & Google Play) allows responders to assign and execute recovery tasks to update the automated task dashboard. Everyone can be part of the recovery effort - from anywhere, at any time.

Plan Approval

An automated multi-tier Plan Approval process uses emails to initiate and track the plan approval process. Plan review notifications are initiated automatically prior to the ‘review date’ of the plans. Upon successful approval, the next ‘review date’ is automatically assigned by rules.


Automatically initiate BIA surveys with email notifications to business process stakeholders. BCM administrators can monitor survey completion status in real-time. Process RTO, Recovery Tier, Criticality and other impact parameters are auto generated based on business rules set by BCM leaders. Process ‘review dates’ kick off automated BIA review cycles.


Integrated notification, using email, voice and text*, are leveraged for most automated functions. ‘Review dates’ of Plans, BIAs and other elements trigger automated notification via email. Upon Plan activation, recovery teams and crisis managers can be notified by email, voice or text.
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