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Juggling information from multiple BCM tools can be frustrating and time-consuming. eBRP suite eliminates those frrustrations with a fully integrated solution.

Juggling information from multiple BCM tools can be frustrating and time-consuming. eBRP Suite eliminates those frustrations with a fully integrated solution that ensures that data entered in one component – from BIA to Incident Response – can be reused in other components to maintain data and program integrity.


Planners wear many hats, with many responsibilities. eBRP Suite is designed to support the entire BCM lifecycle with flexibility and support any BCM objective. Regardless of your industry, the size of your organization or the goals of your BCM program, eBRP Suite has the flexibility to meet your current – and future - needs.
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What your BCM program requires today may not be what it needs in the future. Growth, regulations and events can impact the goals or scope of your program. eBRP Suite is easily scalable; expand, contract, add participants, adopt additional modules – without impacting the work you’ve accomplished previously.


If you waste too much time organizing files and sending email reminders, you probably can’t find enough time for the more impactful tasks your BCM program requires. eBRP Suite automates repetitive administrative tasks – freeing you to concentrate on planning, exercises and program improvement. eBRP Suite also includes customizable, automated approval workflow features , and automates HR data feeds for maintaining contact lists.
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Program Management

Using over 350 standard reports and dashboards, you can focus on managing your program rather than creating reports. From program status to regulatory reporting, eBRP Suite provides the tools you need to monitor, measure and manage your BCM program.
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