Global Enterprises

In a global enterprise BCM program, you have to address operations spread among time zones, languages, cultures, currencies and regulatory environments.

Executives and auditors demand that you demonstrate your BCM program’s ability to respond effectively to meet the recovery needs of business leaders and stakeholders. eBRP suite helps large enterprises meet both those broad goals and their own unique objectives.

Enterprise Class

eBRP Suite supports the complete BCM lifecycle (Planning, Plan Development, Testing, Incident Management and Situational Awareness) in one integrated tool. ADS & SSO/SAML2 authentication options, unlimited concurrent user licensing, role-based user access and transaction logging in Universal Time Coordinates (UTC) allow your enterprise to scale its BCM program to engage stakeholders across your global footprint. Automated work-flows, rule-based outcomes and Notification integration make eBRP an ideal collaborative platform to manage your sustainable BCM program.
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Customization & Flexibility

By design, eBRP Suite’s flexibility and customizability helps meet the BCM program requirements of any industry. Its user interface is customizable using more than 100 configurable metadata items. Role-based access ensures users get access to a fixed set of relevant BIAs and Plans on a need-to-know basis.

Compliance Reporting

eBRP Suite’s CommandCentre module is used to demonstrate the effectiveness of BC Plans in exercises, test and simulations. Over 350 standard reports (many of them graphical) present audit trails, clarify dependencies and engage executives with decision-support data.
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More than a tool to conduct Assessments and create Plans, eBRP Suite provide you the ability to monitor, measure and manage your ever-changing BCM objectives and deliverables.

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