Exercise Tracking

BC and DR Plans must be validated to assure their effectiveness.  eBRP Toolkit’s Exercise functions make it easy to schedule and follow up on Plan tests and exercises:

Exercise Set-up:

  • Add any type of Exercise (walk-thru, tabletop, parallel, etc.)
  • Schedule Exercises in advance
  • Assign Teams to the Exercise
  • Designated the Location
  • Predetermine the Exercise Objectives and Scenario

Exercise Reports:

  • Exercise history of every Plan
  • Follow-up Action reports
  • Process-to-Plan history
  • IT asset-to-Plan history

Exercise Follow-up:

  • Use the Action feature to assign follow-up activities
  • Assign them to Teams
  • Set Target completion dates
  • Document the outcomes

Exercise Results:

  • Document the Results of the Exercise
  • Track the actual RTO achieved
  • Catalogue Issues raised by the Exercise
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