Hosting Options

eBRP Suite provides two Hosting options:


You can purchase licenses and host the software in your own datacentre, inside your own security perimeter, on your own hardware, managed by your own IT personnel. An annual Maintenance fee brings you every upgrade and provides unlimited support through our online Help Desk application.

SaaS Hosting

eBRP Suite customers who avail themselves of our hosting services enter into a 3-year contract that provides:

Predictable Expense

Monthly expenses are fixed, including software upgrades, maintenance and ongoing support. There are no

Always Up-to-Date

SaaS Hosting includes free upgrades; your version of eBRP Suite will always be the latest -- without hassle or waiting.


eBRP partners with CenturyLink to host all SaaS customer in SSAE-16 audited datacentres. Production and backup data centres are geographically diverse to assure high availability.

Guaranteed Uptime

P guarantees all SaaS customers a minimum 99.5% uptime. Actual uptime has outperformed this guarantee over the past decade. In the event of a disruption, the RTO for recovery at the backup datacentre is less than 30 minutes.


eBRP Suite provides supports for Windows AD, LDAP and Single-Sign-On (SSO) plus NTLM and SAML2-based authentication.


As a default, eBRP Suite uses 256-bit SSL encryption for both data in-transit and optional data at rest encryption.

No Capital Costs

Your capital cost for equipment is $0.
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