Virtual Emergency Operations Centre

If normal business operations are disrupted, your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans may not be enough to assure your ability to recover.

When a crisis or disruption occurs, time is valuable. Leaders and Responders need information to determine what to do.

That’s what CommandCentre provides: an information platform that becomes your “Virtual EOC” (Emergency Operations Center).

From the moment you create an incident ticket and indicate what has been compromised, CommandCentre helps you generate an action plan. CommandCentre flags which plans to activate, based on the assets affected, the processes they impact and the criticality of each impacted asset.

CommandCentre points out which teams to notify and what procedures to act upon.

After activation, CommandCentre tracks the status of plans, allocated resources and escalation of issues (and their resolutions). Responder teams can identify the plan procedures that are on their critical path to focus their resources to ensure that their recovery time objective (RTO) can be met – and push completion of those tasks to CommandCentre to provide real-time updates. Two-way notification integration enables Incident Managers to distribute messages and poll responders quickly.

CommandCentre gives Crisis Managers and incident Commanders all the command, control and communication capabilities they need to manage any disruption.


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