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When the fire starts, that ransomware appears or that vendor fails to deliver, there’s less than a 50/50 chance your key personnel will be at their desks. You can’t afford to lose precious time awaiting arrivals. You need action – and you need it quickly.

The MyeBRP mobile app allows key personnel to interact with your Incident Managers (through CommandCentre) from anywhere at any time on their mobile devices.

Responders can easily access what they need – Plans, documents, teammates – when they need them.

  • Collaborate: Incident Managers can work with Recovery Teams and Teammates can work together to assure efforts continue regardless of who’s where.
  • Communicate: Recovery Teams can escalate issues to Incident Managers; Incident Managers can push information to Recovery Teams via their mobile devices.
  • Update: Users can access the MyeBRP at any time to update their personal information – to make sure notification information remains accurate.

eBRP continues to expand usability and versatility of MyeBRP for Apple and Android device users.


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