Access security and data protection are essential at every organization. Whether you use eBRP’s SaaS hosting, or host eBRP Suite yourself, our Authentication options should meet your organization’s needs:

Standard Authentication

In our standard (straight out of the box) authentication, a unique system-assigned User Name and a self-selected Password are required of each user. Your systems Administrators can customize Password parameters (length, content, longevity).

LDAP/Active Directory

eBRP Suite users can be configured with ADS (Active Directory) Authentication as a property. When any user with ADS Authentication enabled requests access, LDAP is used to authenticate that user against the Active Directory associated with eBRP Suite.


Self-hosted eBRP Suite customers can enable Windows Authentication and disable Anonymous Authentication in IIS for receipt of NTML (NT LAN Manager) credentials. Users will be authenticated by the IIS server before being passed on to eBRP Suite.

Single Sign-on

Organizations using Single Sign-on (SSO) products can configure their SSO interface to work with eBRP Suite. With SSO, an authorized eBRP Suite user who has already logged into their organization’s web portal does not have to log into eBRP Suite separately.

Federated (SAML2)

Federated authentication (available only to hosted (SaaS) eBRP Suite customers) uses predefined SAML ‘tokens’ that allow users to gain web access. Organizations using SAML2 may also use SSO for initial authentication.

eBRP provide these Authentication options to meet your internal Information Security standards whenever possible.  Security is always a high priority at eBRP.

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