Unlimited Users

eBRP Suite gives you the freedom to grow your BCM program at your own chosen pace – without limitations. With eBRP Suite’s Unlimited User license, you always maintain control of your BCM Program:


Create and manage as many Users as you need – whether a handful of key subject matter experts or every employee. You can even add Vendor Contacts (contractors, outsourced functions, etc.) and grant them access.


Choose to give Administrative access as many members of your BCM Team as you desire. Multiple Administrators allow you to spread responsibilities across your BCM Team.


Add Locations as your organization grows – without extra cost or complexity


Create as many Plans as you need – of all types, in any quantities.


Add as many supporting items to your Plans or planning process as you need. There are no restrictions on file types (anything from simple Word docs to executable files), and the only limitation is the storage space available.

At eBRP we don’t believe that charging for quantity serves your interest, or ours.  From our founding we have always offered eBRP Suite as an Unlimited User licensed product; no gimmicks or hidden fees.

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