Business Impact Analyses are the primary method of ranking business processes; BIA results allow planners to prioritize recovery planning efforts. But every BIA is a ‘snapshot in time’, so it’s imperative that BIA surveys be conducted concurrently. Lack of a structured survey capability with defined goals may lead to a BIA process both lengthy and inconclusive.

eBRP Suite Toolkit’s BIA tool is capable of gathering critical BIA data (RTO, RPO, Financial, Regulatory and Customer impacts, etc.) for both Business Processes and IT Applications in a structured manner that is both customizable and repeatable.

User Customizable Surveys – eBIA enables your organization to create completely customized surveys, starting with individual questions and answers. Survey responders answer questions online from pick-lists, with each response given a unique value and weighting.

Rule Engine – BIA incorporates a customer-configurable RTO Rule Engine which auto-generates impact parameters (RTO, RPO, Criticality, Tier) based on user’s survey responses. This objective approach eliminates the subjective assessments that unstructured surveys allow.

Approval Workflow – BIA automates the entire survey workflow, notifying teams by email when they have surveys available. Responders begin and complete their surveys online. They can complete the survey, or log back in at any time to finish. Subsequent user-initiated changes to impact parameters can be routed for approval before acceptance.

Real-Time Status Reporting – The survey process is dynamic and tracked in real-time; there’s no time wasted waiting for surveys to be completed and returned. Administrators can monitor the status of surveys, and individual respondents – and step in anytime to prompt user completion or bring the process to a halt.


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