Role-based Access

Some information in your Business Continuity Program might be shared, but much of it should only be available to certain individuals. Security requirements can make management of User access permissions both complex and time-consuming.
Not in eBRP Suite.
Our Role-Based Security access assures that Users can see what they need to see – based on their BCM Role – easily.

Team Access

Teams are granted access to eBRP Suite content. Membership on a Team give an individual User access to everything other Members can see. A User can be on multiple Teams – and inherits access from each of those Teams.

Need-to-Know Only

Users see only those things granted to their Team. Because all other items are not visible, a User is neither distracted nor aware of the other components of eBRP Suite to which their Team or Teams don’t have access.

3 Levels of Access

eBRP Suite customers who avail themselves of our hosting services enter into a 3-year contract that provides:
  1. Read Only – see and print, but not change
  2. Read/Write – edit, but not add or delete
  3. Ownership – full control of content and access

Self-administered Membership:

Each Team has a Team Admins who can add and delete Members as needed. This relieves much of the maintenance responsibility from the Suite Administrators.

The time saved by Role-Based Security can be used more effectively elsewhere in your BCM Program.

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