Language Support

Many enterprises operate across multiple continents and time-zones. Although English is accepted as the universal language for business, many local operations are transacted in the native languages. BCM programs (including Employee Health & Safety response) would be preferred in native languages to support local staff.

eBRP Suite provides multi-language* support in two different ways:

User Data

Information can be entered into any field in any language, including more than one language per field, as required. For example: description field could contain English, Spanish and French content simultaneously. Likewise, Plan Instructions can be written in any language, that is supported by your keyboard.

Screen Appearance

eBRP Suite offers a Configuration Manager utility that allows administrator to customize all screens Tab and Field labels. This feature can be used to add screens in a second customer-specified language if desired.

Second language choices currently include Arabic, Catalan, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Canada French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Latin American Spanish, European Spanish and Turkish.

If your global organization operates in more than one region, eBRP Suite can be customized to meet your BCM program’s multilingual requirements.

* eBRP Suite does not provide a built-in translator nor language migration functionality.
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