GIS Mapping

Analysis of risks and dependencies across geographic boundaries can greatly enhance your BCM program, and provide valuable information during a disruption.  eBRP Suite’s Geographic Information System (GIS) gives you the power to view all of your organization’s Locations, Employees and Vendors on local, regional, national and worldwide maps.

GIS allows you to visualize operational impacts of certain incidents by overlay mapping information from other sources such as:

  • Earthquake zones from the USGS
  • Hurricane paths from NOAA
  • Flood zones from FEMA

Analyze the impact of a threat to any geographic area simply by drawing a polygon over the area to see what assets within your organization are potentially impacted; see them on a map and generate reports to analyze what assets may be at risk.

eBRP Suite’s GIS mapping capabilities are invaluable for both Planning – to help perform risk and ‘what if?’ analyses – and Incident Management – to understand the immediate and potential impacts:

  • Which Locations are in the path of an oncoming storm or wildfire?
  • Who and what might be affected by a one-time event (convention, sporting event…)?
  • Which Locations are in Earthquake zones – and might benefit from additional risk mitigation?
  • What is the potential impact of a road closure or bridge repair on your Employees’ ability to get to work, or your Vendors’ ability to deliver goods and services?

GIS allows you to understand impact results that are too complex for spreadsheets – but just perfect for map analysis.

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