From BIA survey notices to Team collaboration during a disruptive Incident, the viability of every BCM Program relies on communication. Using all available media, communication with Stakeholder is vital to maintaining organizational resilience. eBRP Suite provides pathways for communication to meet every program need:
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Program Elements

A wide variety of Program elements rely on notification or collaboration among various stakeholders. These include logistics and administrative tasks which, within eBRP Suite, can be automated - thereby minimizing “noise” and ”kick back” issues. Situational awareness and Incident Management elements cannot succeed without effective and efficient communication.


Sending and receiving messages via eBRP Suite can be facilitated using multiple message paths including email, voice communication and SMS. These can be targeted to land lines and mobile devices. eBRP Suite can leverage interfaces with top notification providers such as SWN, MIR3, Everbridge and other 3rd parties.


For a sustainable BCM Program, collaboration among many different stakeholders is imperative. From BCM executives monitoring the health of the program to critical customers or suppliers who are part of business operations; from regulators, insurers, bankers and auditors to emergency services, eBRP Suite helps you communicate.

Relying solely on outgoing communications (‘notification’) limits the viability and sustainability of your BCM Program.  eBRP Suite helps you leverage those plus all the 2-way communications needed for both a successful BCM Program and for effective Incident Management.

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