Risk Assessment

Toolkit’s Risk Assessment feature uses asset-based Risk modeling that provides the capability to assess risks to Facilities, Business Processes, Technology and Supply Chain components as well as Teams.

Employing the NIST 800-30 Risk Assessment standard, Toolkit’s Risk Assessment feature uses a 5-step analysis (Threat, Vulnerability, Likelihood, Impact and Mitigation Strategy) with the ability to prioritize mitigation efforts and track the current status of those activities.

Threat Catalogue: Toolkit incorporates five distinct user-configurable threat catalogues:

  • For threats that impact Facilities
  • For threats that relate to People
  • For operational threats that pose risks to business
  • For Technology threats that may impact delivery of IT services
  • For Supply-chain threats that impact delivery of products & services

Threat Dashboard: Risk assessments done at an asset level can be as granular as desired.  All risk assessed can be viewed in a compressive report. This Risk dashboard can be filtered by asset type (Locations, Processes, Technology, People or Suppliers)

Individual Risk Assessments can be accessed for the Plan Development process, and the entire Risk catalogue can be monitored through an administrative-level Risk Dashboard.


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