Decision Support

When faced with a disruption, Senior Executives need information to make the right decisions – what is the potential impacts & causality chain, what are the potential response strategies, which recovery teams to be activated and which stakeholders to be put on notice.

During the Planning phase, particularly in Business Impact Analysis, lots of data is gathered which should form the basis of the decision support information:

What if? Analytics:

  • Simulate potential incident scenarios and visualize theoretical impacts
  • Verify dependencies, causality chain and uncover gaps & vulnerabilities

Enterprise Reports

  • Business Impact rankings across the enterprise
  • Operational dependencies – of Facilities, People, Technology, Supply-Chain
  • BCP capabilities of critical Vendors

Current Capability Assessment

  • BCM Program data provide level-of-confidence in the ability to recover
  • Identify current capabilities, single-point-of-failure and gaps in operational readiness
  • Resource availability to ensure effective recovery

BCM software should do more than help you write Plans.  Toolkit helps you gain a better understanding of the resiliency of your organization, the preparedness of your BCM and Emergency programs, and the capabilities of your organization to respond to any disruptive incident.


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