Data Automation

The foundation of any viable BCM program is dependent on organized data; it can create the information needed to support planning and Incident Management. BC planners face two pressing issues: “How do we organize all our information?” and “How do we maintain all our data?” If you find yourself spending more time managing data than improving your BCM program, eBRP Suite can help.

eBRP Suite helps organize your data in a structured manner – then automates your ability to keep that data current. Updated data assures the integrity and validity of related plans, process and contact lists.

Data Import – eBRP Suite incorporates an easy to use, flexible Data Import Interface that allows Planners to import data from authoritative sources of data:

  • HR Contact data (for contact lists)
  • Business Process (and their dependencies)
  • Location Information (for Geo-Mapping)
  • Technology from an enterprise CMDB (or other sources)
  • Supplier information (and other Supply Chain elements)
  • Teams, Groups and call lists

Automation – After an initial data-to field mapping task, external data sources can be scheduled for periodic updates – with no manual intervention. Scheduled updates assure that record data (from HR, FM, IT, etc.) is current, and automatically distributes reporting on all data adds, moves and changes. Data currency assures that current information is available in Plans, notification lists and Process models – and is readily available for Incident Management decision support.


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