Approval Workflow

Approval processes – for Compliance, Audit or BCM Program Control – can be valuable tools. eBRP designed Toolkit’s Approval Workflow processes to meet internal and external accountability needs.

Optional Approval Workflows can be assigned to Plans and BIA parameters (Business Processes and IT Applications). The entire process – including notifications – is automated.


  • The owner submits changes for approval, triggering emails to approval authority.
  • Authorities review the changes and either approve or reject the changes.
  • Approval Workflow can be utilized for Plans and BIAs as desired.

Approval Authority:

  • Members of the approval authority may be assigned to any of 3 ‘tiers’ (designating an approval hierarchy).
  • Rejected objects (at any tier) are sent back to the owner (with comments).
  • All tiers must approve the changes for them to take effect.
  • A complete history of each Approval Process is available for audit review

Plans & BIA Owners:

  • Changes to RTO, RPO and other parameters can be submitted for approval
  • Owners can monitor status of their Approval processes
  • Earlier Approved Plans are automatically archived for reference


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