Interactive Gantt Charts

During a disruption, 10, 20 – even 100 – Plans might need to be activated simultaneously. CommandCentre enables the Incident Manager Team (IMT) to monitor each of those Plans – without phone calls, texts messages or emails.

From the User’s Vantage Point:
Users can see their Plan represented as a Gantt chart of tasks to complete over time.

Once their Plan has been activated, Users can report the completion of Plan tasks from their computer or mobile device – without a phone call.

Unnecessary Plan tasks can be skipped; tasks that cannot be completed can be postponed (automatically alerting the IMT).

During execution, CommandCentre tracks both running time and the anticipated time of completion of Plans.

From the IMT’s Vantage Point

With multiple Plans in play during a disruption, keeping on top of the status of every active plan can be difficult (if not impossible) CommandCentre provides visibility to the status of every Plan – allowing Managers to focus on problems, not reporting:

  • Plans behind schedule
  • Plans with critical issues requiring action
  • Plan needing additional resources

The IMT also sees the status of the entire Incident – including the expected time of completion of the recovery.


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