Collaboration – a Key to Incident Management Success

Effective Incident Management demands timely communication and information exchange among responders and managers.

During a disruption, multiple plans may be activated simultaneously. Management and Responders need the means to exchange information, raise issues and communicate status updates.


CommandCentre enables bidirectional communication: Incident Managers can issue instructions and direct teams while receiving team feedback for decision-making.

Teams also need the ability to escalate issues to the Incident/Crisis Management team. And Responder teams need the means to advice and alert other teams.

Team Collaboration

Toolkit’s plan optimization (turning Plans into Gantt charts) ensures that recovery teams are automatically notified when a predecessor action is completed, allowing them to progress in a timely fashion.

CommandCentre also helps geographically dispersed teams, or those members operating remotely, to collaborate. Real-time decisions (taking on specific tasks or “handing off” tasks to other members) can be especially important when a task has a long completion time, or requires repetition. Collaboration during a disruption is crucial to a successful resolution.

eBRP Suite’s smart device app allows responders to communicate, update, escalate and collaborate directly from their phone or tablet – regardless of their location.


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